A Pound of Wisdom is Always Better Than an Ounce of Luck.

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A Pound of Wisdom is Always Better Than an Ounce of Luck


It is certainly true that nobody fares well without luck, but without action nothing will happen.
In life we all need to have a little luck, but we should not wait for our fortune to comes to us, because sometimes it can take a longer time.
When we are doing something that we like, we can create opportunities to meet for happiness and then work it out.
When we find a person attractive and fun but we do not make any contact with him/her, then we can only look forward to it but we will never get married together.
There is a saying “about 30% are luck but the rest 70% is depends on our wisdom and hard work” in order to fulfill our desired goals in life
With the wisdom we have, we want to achieve our goals, that will just goes hand in hand with business and work hard in order to achieve a better life.
Many things in life are based on money, but happiness, love and peace are those things that we cannot buy, however we can create them with being diligently and having the right attitude.
The more we possess serenity and be helpful, we can let everyone feels more comfortable and that creates opportunities for happiness in the future together.
Wisdom can guarantee security because we know and understand how everything turns around and this give us confidence to create more opportunities.
Thus, we are fortunate that it is not easy for someone to continue fool us with their lies, because we already have all the required knowledge ourselves.
Continue to learn every day in our lives is the best, because a pound of wisdom gives more opportunities than an ounce of luck.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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